Interview at 女の平和 Demo 1


– I came here today to send a message that women can unite.
Is there anything in particular that women can do, since today’s demo is titled “Women’s Peace”?
I think women are more sensitive to life in many ways, more than men are.
Can I say something? People can’t say things about the nuclear plant in a loud voice, but everyone is worried. But people are scared to voice. But when you hear “we’re exporting nuclear plants, we’re restarting the nuclear plant, we’re boosting military spending” you just have to say something. I think those women came here today. I’m really happy about that. I talk to the people next to me. That are thoughts are the same. That we’re going to the wrong direction now. I think that thought connects us.
There are young people and people who are older than us. I think we can all connect. That becomes a strength.
Yes. There are many sensitive men here too.
Yes, men who are wearing red ribbons.
Can men come too?
– Of course they can. We ask them to wear something red.
They’re cheering.
Are there more people who are concerned about those issues?
I think everyone is concerned but people don’t know how to act. Japanese people are shy. If there’s other people doing it it’s easier, because we have a strong group mentality. So let’s change for the good.
I want to voice my concern for those who can’t. If the mothers realise that there’s people who care, they’ll be able to voice their concerns even if it takes time. We have make that situation. I have to let them know it’s OK to say something. Let them know that we care. I hope we can send that message today.
I hope there’ll be more opportunities like this where people can go freely.
Thank you very much.