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マスメディアが伝えきれない被災者の人々の思いを残すべく、ビデオを回し始めて4年、インタビューの記録は500時間を超えました。その一部を収めたウェブサイト「東北からの声」(tohokukaranokoe.org )には60,000人以上が訪れました。

震災の経験は、人々にいろいろなことを考えさせるきっかけとなり、原発に不安を感じる人々や、安保関連法に反対する若者や母親たちが、東京を中心とした日本のあちこちで声を上げ始めました。本ウェブサイト Voices Rising From Tokyoは、そんな人々の「生の声」を集めています。


Welcome to Voices Rising from Tokyo

We are a group of ethnographers and oral historians seeking to document the many voices that are emerging today from Japan. As ethnographers, we go directly to the people involved, to understand their point of view and their perspective. As oral historians, we attempt to relay this information directly, through their works and images. Our use of digital video is designed to provide an unmediated perspective to you.

Our History: Voices from Tohoku

Our project began as a volunteer efforts in 2011, directly after the triple disasters (earthquake, tsunami and radiation leakage). As we were cleaning houses and roads, the local residents began asking us to record their stories. What started as an informal and ad hoc effort turned into the largest video archive of 3.11 issues anywhere. So far, we more than 500 hours of video interview data and there has been more than 60,000 visits to this archive. tohokukaranokoe.org

We welcome collaboration

In fact, these clips represent only a fraction of our many hours of data; if you are a researcher who is interested in working with this valuable resource, contact David Slater (dhslater@gmail.com).