Kanteimae Demo


2011, March 11th, Great East Japan earthquake occurred. 15,000 people died and still it is said that there are over 2000 people missing. The earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster changed Japans future. The accident of Fukushima melt down stimulated many people in Japan to raise their voices. The anti-nuke movement has been proceeding since 2011 spring and at 2012 summer there were 200,000 people at the Kanteimae protest. It has been already 5 years since the start and the number has been decreasing, but still every Friday people protest in front of Kanteimae.
The new anti-nuke movement is different from the past because it has its unique characteristics such as, no union, and no systematization, and the use of social network media. The movement has been increasing in many different places and not just the issue of nuclear power plant but also other issues has been a topic; like collective defense law, protection of national secrecy law and so on. There are different types of organization demo, SASPL the student demo, a local demo, abandoning nuclear power plant Suginami and women’s peace, multi issue demo. Many new types of social movement have been established.
We got interested in this new type of demo and have been interviewing people at the Kanteimae. The number of the interview is few but we are grateful to share the voice and report the feeling of the people who we interviewed.

インタビュー / Interviews
Since 2014 Oct till 2015 Jan, we have interviewed variety of people



官邸前エリアマップ / Kanteimae Area Map

官邸前デモ / Kanteimae Demo
Every Friday Night at the Kanteimae, many people are rasing their voice
渋谷デモ / Shibuya Demo
There are many other places than Kanteimae where there is a demohttp://youtu.be/rQXaVElUzE0http://youtu.be/9A8DKTNAcu4