S.M. #3



―why do you still participate when you know that the society looks at you in a suspicious way?

S.M.: because I don’t want people saying that “told you so”! If the participants decrease to 30 people, the government will think that everyone wants to have nuclear power plants. I don’t want that to happen. The grandfather of the prime minister said a wonderful phrase. He said “listen to the none voice of people”. There were about 3,000,000 people who were against the US-Japan security treaty. People gathered around the national diet like the Hong Kong demo right now. There were so many people at the stadium and there were many people raising the voice but there were people who couldn’t join as well. So the prime minister (Abe’s grandfather) stated that he listens to non voices that are not heard. He considered that the people who are raising their voice at the national duet has no meaning. I consider that if the number of participants reduce, I feel that I have to go to prevent the government saying that nuclear power plant is need. Really nowadays there are not many only about 100 people.