S.M. #1


S.M.: 少ないですねー。いないですね。だから、香港はね、あれだけ集まったでしょ? それから私は、年でわかると思うんですけど60年安保の時、20歳だったんですよ。だって、1940年生まれだから。んで、ちょうど国会がね、あのへんも考えてみると今の安倍首相のおじいさん、岸って人ね、に対して、やっぱり安保ってのは日本がアメリカの属国みたいになっちゃうということで反対しに行ったことあるけど、その時は若い人多かったですねー。

―I understand that there are many different age group participating, but what do you think about the young generation?

S.M.: There’s only a few. Not many if compared with the Hong Kong demo. I was in my 20s when the 1960s demo was active because I’m born in the 1940. The grandfather of Abe prime minister Kishi, everyone was against the idea of being one of the Americans tributary state. Everyone was against Kishi’s idea and there were many young people around the national diet those days.